Get ross to fuck

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How do u change it Gullan ? Doig ? Allan ? I mean he obviously tried it there not playing for him the shape was wrong to start with and formation was wrong we've seen it so many times with hibs over years

Nah, you sign new players.
I wouldn't be against turning over most of them.

They aren't working hard enough


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Bottle job no plan b fucked it up at hampden 3 times celtic to come the only thing this *&*^ can hope for is doidge to come back.


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Manager and players are a fecking disgrace.A shower of imposters and I include our golden boy Boyle.A bunch of non trying barstewards


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I couldn't give a fuck what you think tbh. It's a ridiculous thread.
Everybody is as entitled tae an opinion as anybody else and tae be fair we were fuckin abysmal.
Every week that passes Ross comes across as more and more clueless.
Nae shots on target,substitutes our best player, disnae seem tae change anything, during breaks in play stands on the touchline with his hands in his pockets snorting his nose instead of shouting instructions/ encouragement tae his players, nae passion.One win in six. He can go for me.
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