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I’m not intending to be a smart arse here, but I’ve never quite understood the negativity against JR. Yes , he has made mistakes, but a large percentage of the time he gets it right.
Its almost as if some fans have lived in a parallel universe from me , where the swashbuckling Hibs conquer all in sight , and lift trophies with regular ease.
There is no question in my mind ( even before Sunday) he has improved us , and our trajectory is on the right direction. There also seems to be a great atmosphere around the club, which has been a massive downfall for us in the past.
The cup final ( st j) was a sare one, but we can’t forget another 40 clubs with a reasonable chance , didn’t make it to the final.
Hibs have , and normally can attract good players. Boyle, Hanlon , Allan, Porto, Murphy, Nisbet , Newell are all boys , who on their day would be first starts for every team in our league bar the uglies. The difference between good players, and great players, is great players produce 99% of the time , good players have more off days.
Macey , for example, if he didn’t chuck the odd one into the net, he would not be playing for Hibs, because 80% of the time , the guy is on the money.
Yes , it’s part of our jobs as supporters , to demand high standards, but more importantly to support the players and management.
Think it was style off football that we've had to watch in matches this season off course playing rangers might suit hibs.previous post is correct hes right we lost waiting on pink news pissed off that night forgot about it
I hate cnts that cast up what people said in the past and rub their noses in shite - but am gonna do it anyways - we need to recognise that while Jack Ross might not (yet?) be a football genius, he can set up a team, who despite not playing for a month were fitter, hungrier and more organised than last year's league champions who have 10X the budget.

I think we should give this guy a chance, let him fix some of the mistakes that have been made and start backing him a wee bit more. No doubt in my mind negativity on the pitch and negativity in the stand have a reinforcing effect on each other, and the reverse is true about belief.

Hampden doesn't make him the messiah, just like losing 4 on the spin doesn't necessarily make him a dud. Unless we hire another calderwood or butcher the time to reflect on performance is the end of the season

peace and love - GGTTH

Agree with that amigo. Read the full thread back today which was interesting and then nipped down to Storries. Not sure it will be large enough for everyone to get a slice.


If Hibs don't get a result tomorrow, I'll, I'll,I'll eat what is left, while bet365 will be rubbing their hands again.
I'm not being hypocritical. I fucked off at half time in Aberdeen. However I was actually there to do so.
For the others on this thread that had another opinion, here is a quality sweet treat for you guys and girls that even Storries could not give us.

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