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is it fact?

As far as I can see, its only fans talk, unsubstantiated rumour, unsubstantiated counter-rumour and the usual uninformed opinion.

No one knows for sure that Stubbs has even picked up the phone and spoke to Delilah

It is but whether we will get the player is another story. I know someone that is good friends with a first team Celtic player.


get off yer bum an sing radge
Botrtom line is Stubbs will be sacked if he doesnt get the results required, and will be revered if he does....on that basis he will bring in who he thinks will bring wins


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nae probs wae that but players don't always know everything about other players.

a wee story
an ex ginger manager walks into dressing room with tall blonde good looking johnny foreigner guy. "right guys this is Franck, he'll be playing for us"

according to team captain, who didn't even know we had signed Sauzee

true story, if you want to believe it :wink:

The Family

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The fact we are now looking to Celtic for loans indicates to me that Stubbs has been unable to pursued any of the English born Everton kids to come north.

I understand we were refused Hope who was another target of Stubb's, Heff's injury prone concerns me and if this lad scores plenty of goals he will do for me in AS & Co we trust :thumbgrin

Two Headed Boy

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I'm not that fussed about taking a player from Celtic if he will be a help. Yeah, it would be nice to play our own lads, but I'd rather the first team won games if I'm honest.


Just A Radge
is this guy the "Booby prize". We ask for Leigh back but they say no, but you can have ......Time we tested their resolve, empty the biscuit tin and BUY, [yes I did say "BUY"] Griffiths. If it costs us 1 mil, then so be it. Just stop pussyfooting around and sign hi on a permanent deal ffs
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