Fraser Fyvie


Rumour is he has came back after his holidays, asked to sign the deal offered, Hibs have said the deal is no longer on the table? Big mistake by Hibs IMO?


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Rumour is he has came back after his holidays, asked to sign the deal offered, Hibs have said the deal is no longer on the table? Big mistake by Hibs IMO?
That's a bad move, cracking player that deserves to be with us in the premiership. Hope this turns out to be wrong bud.

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The Sun....

FRASER FYVIE’S Hibs career appears OVER after the midfielder knocked back the club’s offer of a new deal.

The midfielder was among a group of players offered new contracts following the club’s promotion back to the Premiership.

Fyvie is on the lookout for a new club after rejecting Hibs' contract offer

But SunSport understands Scottish Cup winner Fyvie, in contrast to David Gray, Darren McGregor and Liam Fontaine, who have all signed on again, turned down the proposed terms.

And that has now led to the Easter Road outfit withdrawing their proposal, leaving the 24-year-old free to find a new club.

Robert Barone

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I'm assuming the reason the deal is no longer on the table is that Lennon thinks he can replace with better. I hope so as otherwise we're losing a very useful player.

Mixed feelings as I thought Fyvie was an important player for us. He often took the ball, while under pressure and made himself available. On the flip side it's maybe an indication of the more ruthless approach we've needed in our recruitment..time will tell I suppose.

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Rumour is he has came back after his holidays, asked to sign the deal offered, Hibs have said the deal is no longer on the table? Big mistake by Hibs IMO?

Reading the sun story I'd say it sounds like you're spot on.

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I do my very best never to read Sun stories, Kenny Millar or otherwise.

Me too - I just read what m posted above. It seemed like there was a chance for ff & nl to draw a line and move on together. nl & ld seem to have chosen not to. #ruthless

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I'll be gutted if Fyvie leaves. He's a cracking player. Seemed to lose confidence after his injury and struggled to get going again. When him, McGeough and McGinn all play together they play lovely stuff.


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the highly annoying boy who sits behind me will be delighted, he absolutely hates Fyvie, thinks he is lazy!!

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Fyvie was a key player and under rated by many.
However, it looks like he was hanging on for an offer elsewhere. Which didn't apparently materialise.
If he wasn't that bothered about Hibs then I'm not that bothered about him.


A committed FF could have continued to be a Hero for a couple of years more at least,

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What does the boys guide dog think?

He thinks he's pretty ruff.


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Fraser Fyvie has been a good player for Hibs and is a club legend along with all those involved on 21/5/2016. I'd rather he stayed and I'll be sorry to see him go. I don't think it helps to speculate on the reasons why he is turning down the deal and whether or not Hibs had put a timetable on it. The truth is that none of us know the real reasons. At the end of the day it's his decision and he will now be moving on. I wish him well for the rest of his career.

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What surprises me in the" Lennon dosent seem to rate Fyvie " affair , is that he is very much a Lennon type player. His style of keeping it simple, taking the ball from them in trouble and giving it to a player in space, having a dig , getting involved in battles and moaning at opponents team mates and official, is exactly what Lennon was like as a player. He even looks like him!!:lookaround:

I can only think that Fyvie has an injury he just can't shake. He hasn't looked particularly fit all season and as much as I rate Fyvie highly, we can't carry passengers , if the fitness thing is indeed a factor.
He didn't amass a lot of game time last season if memory serves me right.
I could see him signing for the gunts, which would be a kick in the stones for us , if he returns to the form he showed .


Over the last couple of seasons we have had four very good central midfield players who all brought different qualities to the team. However, the one thing none of them reallly offered was a regular supply of goals from midfield. So while Fraser Fyvie will be a loss, if he is replaced with a midfielder who can offer the same committed performances with a greater chance of adding some much needed fire power to our midfield, then we will have improved that area of the team.


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It'll be a shame to see him go. As I've said before he's a better option than Bartley as he takes the ball off the defence instead of them lumping it forward all the time but he does give it away a lot too, maybe this season Bartley will thrive against more forthcoming teams and we will quickly forget about him