Forfar away on PPV


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Done. It really is a pain in the hoop having to register on all these sites separately though. Not that I'm one to moan.


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How weird is it? Its a fixed camera, no commentary.
I'm on holiday with abysmal Wi-Fi so any kind of picture will do me. Have Forfar got that weird automated ball tracking camera thing? The way it's moving in warm up makes me think they have.


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Biggest waste of £12.50 I’m back at warm up, buffering, jumping lot of shit

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My stream was working fine then it froze so I refreshed the screen and has now locked me out asking me to pay again!! I've emailed them but got nothing back yet.

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Stream was a shocker constantly freezing, buffering, and booting me out! And that’s before you even get to the dodgy AI camera work! Won’t be asking for my 12 quid back but it wasn’t fit for purpose


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I watched the dodgy YouTube stream at points even though I'd paid for ppv. That guy must have made a right few quid in donations which i think is disgraceful but it's hard to take the moral high ground when the official stream was so awful. I won't be asking for money back either but I'll be asking for a free bridie next time I'm there.

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I think a lot of lower league teams have gone for a pixalot system with an automated camera. Lots of problems - one of which seems to be that the website hosting cannot cope with thousands of simultaneous users.

I think a lot of the smaller clubs just dont have the resources to work this through, and I fear for them when their league campaign starts if this is their only revenue.

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I wrote to ForfarTV and complained, they refunded me the full amount today. I will get in touch and ask how I can donate some of that back for the good of their club as that was very, very professional of them.
Very decent gesture.
(You, I meant, but them too!)


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how could the YouTube stream work better than the pay per view?


how could the YouTube stream work better than the pay per view?

I dont think it did Davy. Second half was ok, it was the first half that was a shambles, Forfar TV admitted it, whatever issue they had they fixed when their player was injured for 5 minutes.

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