Flo to go?


Bounce Radge
All I can say is, what a waste.

I think Flo has so much talent and on his day he must be a nightmare for defenders. Just don't see him applying himself for any club, let alone Hibs.
His talent is nowhere near the likes of Stokes, Riordan, O’connor, Fletcher, Miller. All top class strikers, the first two shouldve hit the top heights, the 3rd couldve, other 2 done very well well for themselves through Hibs etc. Flo couldnt lace the boots of any off them. I personally hope his career crumbles, far too big an ego for the little talent he has imo


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Bounce Radge
Kamberi had done nothing in *senior football prior to Hibs and should have shown the club and fans a lot more respect.

Still hope we can get around £150k for him. Not so fussed about clauses as doubt they’d come to fruition as he’ll struggle at a decent level.

*Grasshopper and Karlsruhe. That’s why he ended up with us.

Posing fukdog with few manners.


I was a huge Lennon fan but my opinion now looking back was that in the summer 2018 he had gone as far as he could in the role. He cut a frustrated figure.
I was always wary. He won me over to some extent but ultimately proved what we all knew deep down, that he doesn't have the temperament to handle not winning. He'll never be an overachieving manager but can be competent if he has a financial advantage. In short, rather than being a "winner", he's more of a bad loser.


Bounce Radge

So do I. There's no way he can play for us again after his comments when he went to Rangers. Disrespectful to Hibs, to his team-mates at ER, and to the Hibs support.

I don't know how much we can get for him by way of a transfer fee (not that much, I suspect), but a little's better than nothing and I want him off the premises ASAP.

There are young guys at ER who deserve opportunities to play way before Kamberi does. He had his chance and he blew it.

(Actually, he blew it at Ibrox as well .... :gigglle:)

The Family

Capital Radge
Bounce Radge
Doncha know that’s us according to the charmers on Jambokickedoot.

Flo has proved he’s not one of us.
We should maybe have said we were desperate to get him back and the Gunts would have been right in there!
Charming is the complete opposite of that Brokeback site.

Robert Barone

Bounce Radge
Glad to see the back of him. He'll never learn and continue to disrupt teams like the spoilt child he is.

People at the club bent over backwards to support him throughout his time here and he repaid them with his petulance.

The kind of player who reinforces the stereotype of footballers being selfish mercenaries, when at SPFL level at least, ive mostly found players to be good lads.

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