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Scottish FA asks Uefa for fans at final

Nothing is decided at the minute and dialogue is still progressing with all parties - decision later this week from SFA likely - as per above, wheels now moving (should’ve been weeks ago).
The ambition from the club is still as many fans as possible at Hampden for the final. Club will communicate with fans soon.

I’ve asked about keeping fans involved and engaged - including a Hampden send off exactly like the above suggestion.

One thing I can say with certainty is it won’t be Murrayfield, Ibrox, Parkhead or Tynecastle. Hampden at the moment does have sufficient works outside and inside going on at the moment.

As I know more, I’ll tap in.
Next biggest is Aberdeen then Killie 18000 and Fir Park 14000. Actually Meadowbank holds more than Fir Park.


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Makes you wonder what needs to be done at a football stadium to get it ready for a football game ?????
I imagine for the Euros they'll need dozens of TV studios? Not sure if the corporate boxes can be easily converted or if they'll need to build some in the stands?


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They should have stuck to no fans in.
Either way it causes a stink.

I wouldn’t be fussed for watching the game at Hampden in current circumstances.
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