Faroes v Scotland

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Top radge
Odd team, no Nisbet. Bizarre starting with less strikers against the Faroes than Israel 🤔

Hopefully McTominay is playing in midfield.
Playing 5 at the back against them would be a joke.
Attacking wing backs or not, more players in forward positions should be the way to go.

Armchair manager n that, but c'mon eh 😫

tayside hibee

Well-Known Radge
I don’t think Nisbett merits a start tbf. He has been very average.
I don’t get the huge negativity over Dykes, he is the best we have IMO . I think we should trust Clarke, he has earned it.
2 nil Scotland , and that’s more than enough.
Nissy to come on and score though, another million cachiiiinnnnng 😜

Hibee Kev

Legendary Radge
Has Ann Budge sold the Faroes her gless curtain?? 😱

SJM playing well, played in Dykes + McTominay a few times who’ve made a dugs dinner of it


Coffee Shop Radge
I'm really enjoyin' this battle between two far too fukkin well-matched sides.

Hopefully they will soon hear the gentle call of the herring and tire themselves the fuk out.


Well-Known Radge
Mctominey has been gash for half an hour , then bosses to take the free kick 😩
Yup - and did anyone in the world not know where the shot was going?

Hes had a pish half, probably our worst player, Id take him off, but thats what I was thinking at HT on Saturday
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