Fans v huns?


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With celtic and the sheep having a few fans at their game, i see no reason why we can’t have a few at the huns game on Sunday? Has anything been mentioned on this @Power?


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It won't happen, LD was saying how she was surprised those games still got to have fans despite government advice now changing.
Fans at games is back off the table for the time being.
This. If anything, things in the next couple of weeks are likely to move backwards

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Bounce Radge
With Smellies... and the sheep having a few fans at their game, i see no reason why we can’t have a few at the huns game on Sunday? Has anything been mentioned on this @Power?
Nothing mentioned since the direction changed just over a fortnight ago and the announcement on September 10th being a lot different to what was expected a month ago.

The test matches are more for process confidence rather than return to support ramp up purposes (tests will be run at a cost and the restrictions at both games yesterday were on the extreme side to what we may expect).


We all want the atmosphere fans create back at grounds and hopefully the next round of Government updates are more positive (Club has been heavily involved in many Joint Response Groups, including Return to Support, so will not only be well informed on where things are at but also leading on this too. I’ll tap in this week and see what the lay of the land is.).

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Can’t see any reason not to have 300 fans at ER next weekend.

Surprised hibs don’t ask fans group if they want press access to the games....


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7,500 allowed into Rostock’s stadium today for their German cup tie. Would’ve expected to see them well spaced out as that’s >25% of capacity.

Different country and infection rates of course.

No lack of shouting or singing either.

Different states making own decisions. Eintracht played in Munich yesterday which was closed doors.
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We go to football to let it all out you dirty hun bastardos, nae point in going to sit with masking tape on your chops, strapped to a chair with no one around ye. Unless off course that stuff floats yer boat.


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Thought the 14th September date for fans back in stadium had been pushed back to 5th October at earliest but as this weekends ones already had everything in place they let them go ahead. Tbh sitting in a stadium on your arse with a face mask no being allowed to sing, shout Or probably even talk doesn’t sound like my kind of fun
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