Fans Forum's Are "Mainly Full Of Roasters".

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Myself excluded,very few roasters on here, mostly reasonable ppl even if you don't agree.
Huns media,kickback and are full of arseholes


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Tam like so many of the ex footballers, managers or players gets totally wrapped up in his wee world of self importance as he still tries to actually matter now that the lights have began to fade 😥

"Roasters" says Tam, "Football folk ken" says Yogi or Phillip Morais running to the corner flag and typing into an imaginary keyboard to ram it up the laptop his mind at least.😥

The football world always want it both ways, they want the dafties to walk up to them in a public and ask for a "wee selfie" or an autograph.

They lord it up sitting at their top table at the ubiquitous Sportsmans dinner quietly getting their brown envelope from Mr Ticket Convenor for a 10 minute speech all about their cringy escapades and made up scrapes and jolly old japes.🤔

Give them a TV or Newspaper audience and they are in wonderland as they desperately try to fill time in what must be a very dark transition towards being an unskilled fading personality trying to find a new life purpose.

Tam is a solid and at times a very good pundit who is engaging, knowledgeable and tactically sound but like so many can't take any criticism or questioning hence nearly all of us become "Roasters".😥

What they all forget is we were here long before they arrived and will be here long after they are gone and have a depth of knowledge and experience unsurpassed in our own similar wee worlds of self importance.😉

Tam "the bam", Jack Ross, Dempster or the "Billy Boy" and assorted "journalists" should frequent and engage on fans forms far more often and they might gain an insight into football from a far more interesting perspective and of course there is always the block button as I know for example this wont get much of an audience before Sir Shrink happens to mentions it😉
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Nail on the head Sammy, until the last paragraph.

“Fitba folk” are indeed fannies tho. Terrified to upset their old clubs in the main and the freebies drying up. That’s not so bad but the Scotch media pundits are probably 90% ex players from two clubs only and we are then saturated with sickening bias on Sky, BT, In newspapers and so on and so on.

Never paid into a game in their puff but think they’re the oracle and are speaking for the punter. Sooking up is big business for some of the weedge panderers. Succulent lamb dinners, Golf days, trips to fan club events in Ireland or the US.


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Also roaster is a term I don't hear in the glorious West of Scotland

We use the following terms -


Amongst many others


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Geoffrey Boycott and Jeremy Clarkson - they're from Yorkshire and they're roasters.
Clarkson must be their equivalent of those wanx that “reside” in Morningside and Stockbridge. Accent more in line with The Crown than Trainspotting.

Further north in England around Durham has pinkie ring wearing fuktards like Alexander Armstrong and that Dominic Cummings guffie. Hardly Biffa Bacon them two.