Fans Forum's Are "Mainly Full Of Roasters".


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Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Dinners will do that to you :)
He meant "Roasties" right?


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Hapy enough to take their money though ? Arse

I've thought Tam has been a reasonable pundit. But for our season ticket money we are getting Hibs Pass with David Tanner and Tam McManus. It's not going to take a marketing genius to work out that it's not going to carry great appeal to 11,500 to renew....

Roaster Smurf.


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I agree, mostly roasters, but, bar the odd one or two, manageable roasters (thats where the ignore button is invaluable)


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.Net is full of roaster's. This place is night and day compared to that place. Take .net, kickback and the old firm forums. It's a cesspool of cretins.


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I thought we were all Radges on this site? Radge Roasters or Roaster Radges?