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Quick question.You know how drinking has to go on outside?Are you allowed inside for a pee?

You just pee in the glass that had your beer in it and its taken away when you order the next one.

Yeah, you're allowed in.


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I'm in no rush to get a beer outside however I know how thirsty you lot can be:wolfie:

When I saw this map of outdoor boozers I thought of you all :beer-1-prv:

It's so good to see bars starting to reopen šŸ˜ Planning to head out for a drink? Here's a handy map showing all the outdoor drinking spots

I don't think its all of them.

It certainly isn't as the Bailie Bar isn't there.


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I have no intention of going back to the boozer any time soon.
The reasons are a combination of, in no particular order,
Canā€™t be arsed
Too cold to sit outside
I prefer a wine and/or a gin in the house.

I was out in Edinburgh last August and it was awful due to all the restrictions. IF we go back to pre-COVID conditions I might visit a pub.
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