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Presumably Dundee are entitled to half of the ppv money

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November 27, 2020 / Football

Hibernian have confirmed that this Saturday’s last 16 tie in the Betfred Cup will be shown on a pay per view basis on Hibs TV.
Supporters can sign up now to watch the match at the price of £12.99.
Former Dundee and Hibs player Tam McManus will be on co-commentary duties for Hibs TV.
The match will be available on DeeTV for International subscribers



Muirhouse Radge
Don't really get the big fuss about this. ST dont get us entry to cup games, why this, of all seasons when clubs are struggling, do you think this would be any different? I won't be watching for the simple fact, my finances and general busyness mean I don't usually attend cup games.
Dont moan about needing new players and then moan when the club tries to increase revenue to accommodate new players. And when I'm having a rant, if you're not renewing your ST next season because the club has had to adhere to legal requirements.....have a word.

Spot on 👍


Muirhouse Radge
Why do you have the right to judge what other fans do or say.You are not any better or worse than any other fan so don’t judge please.I for one think it is disgraceful that the club are fleecing fans when the fans have backed the club to the hilt.

You backed the club by choice remember. It was YOUR choice to buy a season ticket. It was YOUR choice if you donate to HSL and its also YOUR choice to get ppv for any game upcoming. You knew, I knew the implications of whats happening this season.


Just A Radge
Mod and Socky calm ffs . You're letting your slips show under you're frocks.
For what it's worth you two can fire intake me. I'm made of stainless and dinnae give one. For the very first time in years I have not put a 3-0 bet on the Hibernians.

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I actually ended up contradicting masel and watched the game. Never put on a 3 nowt bet either. I often slaver a lot of pish mate, its usually due to merlot but sometimes it just comes naturally