The Family

Capital Radge
Quite agree, I just didn't understand your earlier comment that Hanlon was to blame for not swapping places with Doig.

I would have had Daz in there, he's a magnet for crosses, and without blaming Doig, I do think Lewis would have had a better chance of winning that ball even though he's a few inches shorter - because he's much stronger than the laddie.

What's done is done though.

And I'm pissed off with it all.

Just heard that Liam Fox has joined the coaching staff - I know one of his mates and Fox is a diehard Gunt with a real dislike of Hibs.

Can't say I'm impressed with that appointment.

My opinion was Hanlon would have been a better match for Rooney, it’s done now anyway but I just didn’t agree with Doig getting the blame.

This is why I have no faith in Ross with his appointments and this latest one is clearly evident of that.
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