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Tough call but what does it for me is the prospect of smirking colleagues, and friends should the Jambos win. The missus is a frickin Jambo and she's American, how did that happen! Hope they kick f*ck oot i each other....
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Just A Radge
My thoughts exactly, I have lots of friends and family that are jambos, I have one hun acquaintance.
Thats 1 more than me .
I can not associate with anyone that follows that club.
Rotten to to core
Hearts are not much different or better


Well-Known Radge
Thread starter
More apologies required . After checking the fixtures on fotmob and live score it appears this game is on saturday when all six games in the SPL are played 🤷‍♂️
Think I need to disable the keyboard 😩


Well-Known Radge
It pains me to say this but I hope Sevco lose. Hearts don't have a good enough team to go the distance so even if they win it really isn't a big deal in my eyes.


Just A Radge
I hope the filthy huns fuck them to kingdom come and we beat Dundee Utd so we take our rightful place above them. Then the huns can lose every week after that
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