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Legendary Radge
According to Edinburgh Live, we're after the Clyde keeper.Don't think I've seen him?Did we not play them last year?


Someone competent, cheap, reliable and very very unlikely to be called upon.

maybe fair enough.

there’s a couple of keepers at all the age groups though? Hard to believe they can’t cover this?

We seem to be reluctant to promote young keepers the same way we do with outfield players. They do tend to develop better with game time, so maybe the likes of Martin or Johnston will be loaned out.


Not Just a Radge
He was wearing REALLY bright luminous pink socks, shorts and top (aka the Hibs goalkeeper kit) and spent half time warning up with the other substitutes.
I quite like how he doesn't bother with wearing a top or bottoms over his kit. He's obviously raring to go if he gets the call to go on.

Probably still wouldn't be quicker than (at the time Aberdeen gk sub) Budgie who was out of his tracksuit and doing star jumps before the Aberdeen physio had reached Theo Snelders when we played them up there one midweek 🤣
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