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You did buy a ticket though? That went unused? Yer intention was there, all these other folk that just simply could not be bothered as we were beat before the game can imo quite simply fuck off.

Amazing support yesterday, no day trippers in sight!.
Sitting looking at it now still raging that I was the most unwell I've been in years. Couldn't even give it away.


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We're only getting 17,500 absolute fucking disgrace. Should have told them unless we get 50/50 split they can go fuck themselves and award celtic a 3-0 win


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Fuck them how many semi finals over the years against the likes of Livingston and Dundee utd etc they had about 20,000 there


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On the fence here

One hand, we couldn't sell the tickets for the semi, so we get shat on.
I get that, we'd say the same going up against someone else with a smaller support. We've had plenty of the stadium in the past against Livingston and Ross County for example.

Other hand, we should be offered the 50/50 split as we've shown in the past we can fill Hampden.
I'm more in this camp though, we should be given the chance, with a cut off.
The issue is logistics and selling blocks at a time etc...

There's nothing worse than listening to us argue about cup final tickets though. Who gets what, who's an uber elite, yada yada 💤


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South Stand Lower Section O2

Adults - £45, Over-65s & Under-16s - £27

South Stand Lower Section P

Adults - £40, Over-65s & Under-16s - £22

South Stand Upper Section Q

Adults - £40, Over-65s & Under-16s - £22

West Stand Sections A & B

Adults - £35, Over-65s & Under-16s - £18

South Stand Accessible Seating

Adults - £18, Over-65s & Under-16s - £6

West Stand Accessible Seating

Adults - £12, Over-65s & Under-16s - £6
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