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Covid -19 Graphs Scotland

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Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
I heard that too, also heard them saying that there are currently 12 in hospital in Lothian area but they are preparing 2 extra wards in hospitals for overspill, seems a bit drastic with only 12 in hospital just now
From another source

Hospital patients

NHS Lothian - 72 (+6 from yesterday)

ICU patients

NHS Lothian - 6 (-1 from yesterday)


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Just about the best news I've had on my birthday, thanks for all the cards lol, its still not great but getting better.
Screenshot_20210709-155236_COVID Symptom Study.jpg


Well-Known Radge
It's worth bearing in mind with this chart that it will only really start to drop off a couple of weeks after the actual peak in new cases, because an 'active case' is deemed to last about 14 days (I think). So any new cases today will still be in the numbers for a couple of weeks yet. Should hopefully see a fairly strong downward trend starting to appear in the coming days.


Well-Known Radge
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