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Anyone qualified to suggest where we go from here?

Interesting bit of chat on one of my WhatsApp groups that we are very close to being back to normal. I can't see it myself.
Probably not. The experts from the Spanish Flu are long dead! It did leave us a graph though that has been pretty much replicated by endemics/pandemics since. Spanish Flu faded out about a year or so after the second wave.

I was involved with the Scottish Government response for the last near miss, H1N1, it just fizzled out but it did leave a graph! That one, although with many fewer deaths, lasted about 18/24 months after the second wave.

I suspect the bigger picture will be in 2 parts.

1. How we, the UK, moves on being relatively covid free at the moment. Cautiously opening up if we're smart. The high numbers up north just now or last autumn nationwide serves as a warning how easily this can still go wrong.

2. How the rest of the world copes. I might suggest the high point of the second wave was January although there wasn't such a pronounced dip between then and now so we might still be in the second wave. The period we're in now is still very high numbers and the third wave is generally very small. We're at a confusing part of the graph, vaccine effect causing lower than expected numbers; India being assholes causing higher than expected numbers????

Until its under control around the world we are vulnerable. Restricting international travel is key, in my opinion.
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