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Whoops, wrong direct again, pretty normal on Tuesdays?
I'm not sure we can blame Tuesday. We seem to have a few good days then a couple of bad days. At the moment, as the graph and the green box shows, the overall weekly trend has been down for something like 17 days.


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The folk that provide these graphs have sent me an email about kids and schools. I know there's parents and teachers here. Up to you guys if you want to take part.

Hello Contributors,

Our School Communities programme has launched and we need your help to spread the word.

Little is known about COVID-19 in children, or how transmission of the virus among schoolchildren affects the wider population. And worryingly, more children are becoming infected. So ZOE's launched a free School Communities programme open to all schools in the UK.

Can you help us reach 5,000 schools? Share this email with teachers and parents of school-aged children and ask them to join us.

Headteachers, sign up to add your school today.

Parents and carers, learn more about how it works on our Parent Guide pages


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Oh well, good while it lasted.

On a more positive note around the world new cases are now running at around 500,000, Europe again about half that. They were double last time I reported it.
Edit. Its back up again

Screenshot_20201119-122008_COVID Symptom Study.jpg
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I got an email from them the other day saying that loads of people had been logged out of their accounts a week or so ago. I suspect that the rise in cases was caused by the fact that people who received a positive test in that period would likely remember to log in and record it. Whereas people who don't are likely to not even think about it (I didn't, it's only the reminder that makes me update it so when I didn't get a reminder for a week I didn't record anything). So given that this data is based on percentages it'll be skewed by the drop off in people recording that they're fine.
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