Covid -19 Graphs Scotland

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Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Screenshot_20201104-132217_COVID Symptom Study.jpg
Its difficult not to be optimistic after all its only 2 days in a row the figure has gone down, but anything positive these days is a sliver of light for better times ahead.


Skivin cooncil Radge
Having been relatively low on the Covid regional graphs for so long , it appears the North East is getting more and more cases.
I've been delivering this morning , and 3 of the deliveries were positive Covid.
Luckily the people involved were safety aware and had me drop off their medicines outside their front door.
Two waited until I was back in the vehicle before opening the door and picking up.
The other waited till I reached the end of their driveway.
All good.
Unfortunately, last night the Soul Bar( the place which caused the lockdown in Aberdeen in August(?)), was jam packed with folk celebrating Scotlands win.
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