Full Time: Cove Unfortunately Named 1 v 2 Hibernian

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Bounce Radge
Cove players showing a far greater appetite for this game and playing some nice give and goes down the channels. A much improved 45 coming up is needed. Need to start moving forward as a team and have some attacking intent. Oh and Wright is fucking awful.


Bounce Radge
I'm not watching the game, but it sounds like we have been awful in the first half and are deservedly losing.

I feared this...however hopefully our fitness tells in the second half and we can get a quick equaliser, but it's going to be tough going on that pitch.

There is always a danger playing these sort of teams on their own patch when they are totally fired up. It requires calm heids and leadership from Hibs to get through this. I got the impression on Wednesday night that many of our players were simply not up for these games and were treating them like pre-season friendlies.

I am not trying to make excuses but we have loads of first team players unavailable, and it has to be pointed out that our fringe players are not getting any competitive action at all with the reserve league not functioning this season. That's why we have had to loan out so many youngsters to lower league teams.

Players like David Gray, Darren McGregor, Lewis Stevenson, Steven McGinn are all at an age or at a stage in their careers where they cannot be out of action for many months then be expected to come back straight away and at the flick of a swithch be the players they once were.
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Robert Barone

Bounce Radge
That was very well worked..glad Gullane had got a goal..he deserved it after his shift during the week

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