Corona virus on its own thread.


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my part of the nhs are aboiut tae announce work from home to be extended till the end of the year.... it was due to stop at the end of june.

something on the horizon? more grim news? new wave? new varient?
They still don't know when this virus will stop mutating into new strains and if these vaccines we currently have will be enough, opening up could be a while yet.


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Get the population immunity to about 80% from increased vaccination and natural immunity, which should be achievable in the next month or so.
Massive efforts have been made in the vaccination roll-out and the phenomenal sacrifices which have been made by people in the last 15 months.
It's time to realise that Covid 19 is here forever and we have to live with it and get on with our lives with a complete return to normality.
We can't do any more than we have done already to fight Covid. People have done their bit. So many other demands are being and are going to be made on the NHS, so to just focus on one virus is madness.
Society must open up fully in the next couple of months with all physical distancing restrictions lifted otherwise we are done for.
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