Competitions - Prize PickEm 2020-21


Survivor And Pickem

Entry - £10 for Pick Em, which will be over the whole season.

Pickem is a Sports prediction game. In that, you are tasked with picking the outcome of every game in a given week for an entire season.

SURVIVOR - £5 per entry, with survivor it will only run for a max of 12 weeks as only 12 teams in the SPL. (unless everyone is useless :lookaround: - if after the first 2 weeks everyone is eliminated, the pool shall be restarted)

WE are then doing an EPL comp, details in cowshed!

Survivor is a variant of Pickem where players only pick a SINGLE TEAM for a given week. If the team they picked wins their match, you move onto the next week. If the team you picked loses, you receive a Strike, and you are eliminated.

Eliminated players can view the pool, but they can not participate as they've been eliminated (which is the entire point of Survivor). You play until there is only 1 player left OR to the end of the 12 weeks (if there are multiple survivors, prize money will be split).

The TWIST is that you can only pick a team ONCE during the entire game. So if you picked Hibs and they won you would progress but then you would be unable to pick Hibs again, Hence these may be rapid and only last a max of 12 weeks (12 team league).

Prize Money will be dependant on players, so the more that take part the bigger the prizemoney.

Pick em - £10 entry ( Winner 50% / Runner Up 20% / Bounce 30% )

Survivor (Each Game!) - poss 2/3 - Winner/s: 50% (Split if more than 1)/ Bounce 30%/ Leith Links 20%)

Survivor Game 2 we may do EPL, will see how the SPL goes at 1st but that may be a bigger entry fee.

Each "pool" key code protected for you to gain access, you will get that either emailed to you or via PM after you pay.

Click on the relevant items you wanna purchase... we are using go cardless or paypal



Enter your details and pm me as you need the key code to gain access.

Or payment via friends and family to ""


Then you goto the links for...


And enter the key code given by me to gain access and start picking.
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Entered both, who is with me ?

If you wanna enter both add to cart and add another product.

More Pickem games will be added over the weekend.

Survivor as in the name you need to survive week 1 ??
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