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I love the look of clouds, each one unique.


For those wishing to reminisce about the disco/nightclub ... crack on it was fab. I got flung out for trying to put the licorice allsorts back in the box lol


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
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Way hay! The pubs are open ... and doing good business!

Chinese clouds next.


Legendary Radge
Clouds disco. Where a young 16 year old me went to see Punk bands. The bouncers were lenient. I was 16,I looked like 14, there was no alcohol license if I remember rightly. Punk bands; so a disco first and then the bands. So you'd get any singles that were out; plus some reggae and some pub rock. There would be the soon to be faces in the crowd ;,Eugene Reynolds, Fay Fife, Joe Callis Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson, various Fire Engines and Scars. So what were the dances? There was the 'Dying Fly,' there was the' Pogo' of course; there was 'stand around in a circle and give the invisible man a kicking' and there was 'dance around like a radge.'
Then the bands would come on. I saw Buzzcocks with Penetration and the Scars, I saw Banshees with Human League and Spizz Oil, I saw Adverts, and Slits and Xray Spex and Damned and Blondie I even saw U2 for about Ā£2.50.( They were shite). But the punk nights came to an end and we moved on to the Nite Club above the Playhouse.
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