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Losing balls in the final third, again the defence is a concern for me. Like the look of Doig and the keeper though.


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Sorry to say the two Murray lads not good enough - did initially like Fraser but no sorry. Disappointed in Stirling today as well. Thought Dubrowski, Doig, Horgan and Mallan did well but we looked very poor at the back - certainly the first two goals could easily have been avoided, caught in possession Jackson edge of box with a horrendous pass for the first and then Innes Murray got dispossessed far too easily midway in our half for second.


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I do not think that I would draw any conclusions from a Development bounce game albeit against a team of youngsters with two full Internationalists in it.
Whilst watching it went through my mind that with the season starting days away if it would not have been more worthwhile two Hibs teams playing a game at East Mains.



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In all the years I have been supporting Hibs I have not seen one pre-season friendly (ie a training session) which has given any indication as to how the season would unfold. Ross will have been trying things out today and playing as many youngsters as he can in a big stadium just to give them some experience of playing with first teamers.

We are going to have to depend on our young players more this season than ever before, so let's give them a chance. FWIW in my opinion Fraser Murray has the talent and ability to play in the first team. Just needs confidence and the support of his more experienced team mates. I expect Ben Stirling to play more regularly as well mainly as a second choice defensive midfielder when Gogic is not available.

Defensively I think it is clear to anyone we are weak. Having Gogic as a midfield ball-winner will definitely help, but he is not always going to be available, so I reckon Ben Stirling will come in when required. The reason Hibs finished mid-table last season and not higher was because defensively as a team we were not good enough. As an attacking side with a fair bit of pace and a significant goal threat, we were as good as any team outside the Old Firm. It's when we don't have the ball during a game that we need to be much better.

For me we need to bring in at least two starting defenders by October. An experienced leader in midfield plus Docherty with two or three leaving. I don't think Ross rates Hallberg so I think he might be away soon same with Tom James.


Bounce Radge
Our full back positions have been in decline for a little while now. Not a dig at Stevenson or Gray, but you can't stop father time.


Bounce Radge
Although I am pleased with the three signings I will be very disappointed if we donā€™t sign a couple of defenders at the very least.
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