Can we challenge near the top this season?

October Goal: £70.00
Donations so far: £30.00


Would all depend on whether some of those extra points picked up were against either of those 2.

Hes right though, we'd be closer to celtic, and potentially challenging for second.

I suppose you could argue that technically since we drew one match with Celtic away then for our home record to be completely analogous we'd only be a couple of points behind them. But he's not correct, we'd still be third. And in a year when we've been fortunate to face an historically bad Celtic team, which in itself is a slice of luck.

The whole premise of this argument is a bit silly though. The season has been a success even on the terms that The Family himself (or herself) set out at the start, s/he's just moving the goalposts now.


Just A Radge
Sitting 3rd at this point in the season, with A SCF against St J's to look forward to.......

Even some of the bams on Facebook would have to concede this is laudable.

(But of course they'd counter with "we could end up 4th and fail in the final" trolling.)
Yeah, plenty to be excited about in the next two weeks and looking forward into next season
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