Brora 2 Smelly Farts 1

Sir Shrink

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What a funny wee man.

I wonder why he took the trouble of filming himself having a wee tantrum.
I can only guess that he was seeking some sort of fame, to be talked about perhaps.

Even if that would only be on Hibs fans social media.

Weird club.

Weirder fans.

Green juventine

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Headphones may be required. "Stay Safe". :3:

:22:The cultural attaché for Swinecastle ,how very eloquently put your appraisal of the (miss)match was very entertaining. Indeed our own 1875 could maybe learn a thing or two from your video.
By the way you might want to get the phone number of the Brorororoa player who is a joiner to see if he can come and finish off your kitchen you’ve got no decor panels on the end of your wall units ya scummy jambo cheapskate.


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Be gentle folks.
This geezer may be a part owner of the farts.

Nice quote by GJ on the decor panels. Lol.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Gunts urged not to be revolting! Too late!!

Angry Hearts fans have been urged "in the strongest possible manner" not to gather in protest at Tynecastle.

Some supporters had indicated they may demonstrate on Saturday as the Scottish Championship leaders host Queen of the South.
Hearts suffered a shock Scottish Cup exit at the hands of Highland League Brora Huns on Tuesday.

"We do not need to remind anyone that we are still in the midst of worldwide pandemic," said chairman Ann Budge.

WARNING. Link contains highlights of their Scottish Cup match.


Just A Radge
BBC got an article up quoting the "R" word that will really enrage them - boycott incoming and Tom English and Brian mclaughlin will be cold shouldering whoever wrote it
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