Bring back beer


A message to you, radge
If it brings in extra cash for the club, fine. In this day & age, if someone wants a pint at the game, it should be an option.
The logistics will be interesting, will it be served in the same kiosk as the food? I visit West Brom a couple of times a year and they have separate bars just for beer (over priced weak lager) and a couple of (plastic) bottle only counters, both heaving pre match and HT.
The upper concourses don't have much room for extra counters, they get pretty busy as it is at HT and the food queues can be horrendous.
If Ron can find a way for it to work, great.
I can see me occasionally using a bar in the ground at away games, but I will be sticking to the Leith boozers for home games. (Unless we link up with local breweries and have a decent local beer along side the the mass produced cooking lagers).

Hibee Kev

Well-Known Radge
Great idea. They do it really well at Newcastle, even better at Spurs I believe. Spurs model involves fans sticking around post-match for a few pints to watch the later game (if there is one) on the telly. Could be a decent money-spinner.


La Favorita opened a Pizza slice van at the back of the west stand, I think the common observation was it was too expensive. A pint of Moretti/ Peroni/ Menabrea and a slice of pizza might be more appealing.


radge grandad radge
As several here know, unlike England in the Netherlands you can drink during the game. Downside again is that the beer is less than 2% and mainly froth.

Seen this for the first time at a Utrecht Fortuna game. If it was only 2% it didnae seem such a waste when it got flung all over the place when Utrecht scored.
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