Bogdan to sign again?


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No complaints from me but who is actually signing him? May, Craig, Mathie? Has the new manager ok'ed this? Is the appointment of a new manager imminent?

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The legacy of Paul secondbottom
Pissed off the best goalie we have had for years and now wants to leave.
Bogdan is a fine keeper also, Maxwell certainly behind the other two. Couldn't keep a clean sheet on his bed.

gun ainm

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if its Hecky's fault that Rocky wants to leave then surely his sacking would have rekindled his desire to play for Hibs? I'm not buying it and for me Bogdan is a more than adequate replacement so if he does want o feck off dont et the door pap your arse on the ay out


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I've never heard an adequate reason why Marciano was dropped.If anybody knows I wouldn't mind hearing.


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Marciano is one of the best goalkeepers we have had for years...and now it appears he is leaving.
I rate Adam Bogdan and I am pleased he is coming back, but disappointed if that means Rocky goes.
Who can blame him for being pissed off though ? He was made a scapegoat for a dreadful start to the season, when others were equally if not more to blame.
Maxwell has done ok, but no more than that.
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Hibs supporters opinions are mixed about Marciano. Personally I think he is overrated and believe Bogdan was the better all round keeper. If Rocky goes in Jan and he was talking about it earlier this season Bogdan would be a more than adequate replacement. As it stands Bogdan has only signed to Jan according to the press.

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Rocky off to Celtic is doing the rounds.

I feel sorry for Rocky, by far the best keeper at the club that a clueless manager dropped for the one he brought in, I was shocked that Rocky didn't start against St Johnstone, no wonder he is pissed off.

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Rocky chucked a few in the net and was rightly dropped. He had lost his edge and I think wanted his move away. His replacement is not a better keeper though.
Bogdan (big Dan or bog fan according to my phone) had a horrific start at Hibs but came onto a game.
I’d keep Bogdan of the three. And Rocky’s missus.
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