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Huns champions;

Now official after Celtic draw 0-0 with Dundee United.

They have been by far the best team and squad in the country this season and are deserved champions.


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If one of that horrible fuckin pair has to win the title then I really couldnae gie a toss which it is.
When we play the soapy's I hate them most
When we play the huns I hate them the most.
Apart from wanting them both tae get fucked every week unless their results affect us I dont give either of them a lot of thought.


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Aye but where was the clamour when we had Celtic doing the same thing in October

Liverpool and the likes have all done the same

Doesn’t make it right but let’s be consistent
So when they grassed us to the authorities after the cup final for a pitch invasion is that consistancy?

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When you get a brick thrown through your coach window,soup , piss and coffee chucked at you, spat at and called a fenian bastard, they are pretty hard to ignore.

On the two Saturdays a year you're in Ibrox, I'd agree. Getting worked about them the other 363 days of the year seems like a waste of energy.

Look, I'm not defending their vile songbook or general Hunnish antics, but I struggle to care about them as an institution unless it's to laugh at them.
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It’s pretty Fukn obvious what he’s on about. Don’t be silly. The Hun apologist part is bad enough don’t make it worse.

Don't really see why Moaty's response is relevant to my post

He also pulled me up on ANOTHER post for a typo

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