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Been Here For A While
Possibly the least pretentious or thought provoking lyrics so far on here....from the splendid Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders no.5 UK hit of the same title.

Um, um, um, um, um, um
Um, um, um, um, um, um
Um, um, um, um, um, um
Um, um, um, um, um, um

As an aside, they also had a no.2 hit about corduroy condoms, before that wee shit Phil Collins ......

A Groovy Kind of Love.



Bounce Radge
All over people changing there votes
Along with there overcoats
If adolf Hitler flew here today
They'd send a limousine anyway.


On holiday Radge
Bounce Radge
“Page three girls get you excited, you support Huns and Man United.
All you do is take up space, with a stupid look, on your stupid face”

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radge grandad radge
Bounce Radge
I always liked

"During the war time an american pilot
Made every air raid a time of excitement"
Same band

She gave to me her tenderness
Her friendship and her love
I see her face from time to time
There in the sky above.

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