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On the back of Film 72/3 etc I decided to investigate the Billy Taylor trio further.I went to Virgin who at the time had a decent Jazz section but couldn’t find him in the racks so asked the guy who was knowledgable.Billy has a few Cd’s out but a few have been discontinued.Thats because although a brilliant pianist much in the style of Teddy Wilson he is more noted as a music tutor at Julliard.

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Weirdly I’ve been playing a lot of Simon and Garfunkel this last week or so, and Sound of Silence would definitely be in my current top 3. I found a YouTube video of the song by Disturbed which I thought was brilliant. Made the missus watch it. She wasn’t so impressed and just watched in silence then left the room muttering ‘aye, disturbed right enough’.

That Disturbed version is terrific. I first heard it when it was played at the end of some US cop show when one of the goodies had been killed. I prefer that to the S&G version to be honest.


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Every time I go to put down my 3 I see what someone else has put and think " shit! I forgot about that one " . I agree with Sir Shrinks appraisal of Disturbed. Much as Simon and Garfunkels version was brilliant IMO Disturbed's is better. Not very often I say that about a cover.


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Far too hard, but...

- Anything by Otis Redding

- Anything by the Jam

- Anything by Toots and the Maytals

Well that's today anyway but none of them would ever be far from my top selection.

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Ah well, here's today's 3 favourites. No 1 will never change, 2 and 3 will probably be different tomorrow.
Sunshine on Leith.
Rock'n'roll doctor -- little feat
Soap on a rope -- chickenfoot

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In the beginning there was my Fathers record collection, loved when every one went out and the music was all mine. Three I loved singing along to. Matt Munro, Walk Away. Brooke Benton, Thank You Pretty Baby. All Martino, Here in My Heart. B side was I Cried Myself to Sleep. I was better than all these singers, even with a hair brush as a microphone.

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