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Legendary Radge
A few brother there or thereabouts in yer post @WJC1848 .The Righteous Brothers who weren't brothers however Peter Sarstedt did have two who were both singers. The younger being Robin Sarstedt who had a chart hit with the Hoagy Carmichael song My Resistance is Low. The elder brother was a teen idol early 60's who had several hits, his stage name was Eden Kane. Perhaps one or two others on here will be auld enough to have heard of him.


Peter Sarsted was handsome in an Omar Sharif sort of way.I too love this song,part of my childhood.

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paul 1875

Just A Radge
i`ve come to like to many band`s song over the year`s any old punk will always come first but when i`ve had a few i tend to play
gerry rafferty baker street
the highwaymen me and bobby mcgee any of there tune`s really
finley quaye dice

paul 1875

Just A Radge
three top tune`s from women
alanis morissette thank you
florence and the machine dog days
bjork human behavior