Bella Caio

Lochend Shamrock

Bounce Radge
I see the vast majority of Hibs fans as left of centre, rightly or wrongly? It may be my Hibs Class attitude to life, but it makes me feel good about things

Some Hibs radge has done a version of "Bella Caio" celebrating the relegation of the puddledrinkers. I love it. Can we adopt this version, and this song?

Get it up ye, ya Jambo bastards....
As an Italian Scot who loves the hibees, I'm personally delighted.

Green juventine

Bounce Radge
Loving this. It’s bad enough getting relegated but when you can’t get into a boozer to drown your sorrows and have a good greet an a moan wi yer scummy jambo pals. Nae luck scumbos.Ciao ciao :47:
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