Bar on Greenside Place mid/late 80s


Just A Radge
Procrastinating at work and trying to remember the name of a bar on Greenside Place back in the mid/late 80s.

I think it's now Habana (cos it had a bit upstairs, but I could be wrong). Shades (nowt to do with Erich I don't think) is ringing a bell, but I'm no 100% sure.

Anyone any ideas? It was all shiny and mirrored inside.

Also the auld Stage Door pub, is that now Planet?



Just A Radge
Thread starter
Fusion, CHAPPS ?


I do remember CHAPPS now you mention it but don't think it was that. I'd get taken there for pub lunches when I was 8/9. Can only remember CHAPPS as a nightclub.

Just spoke to my mum and she cannae mind either!
Every pub from the top of Leith Street has had name changes until you get to Joseph Pearce in Elm Row, which itself is run by Boda. All right if you fancy a hybrid pub/cafe/creche. Not for me.

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