Bands Who Didn't Live Up to their album covers.

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Legendary Radge
O k never judge a book by the cover and all that,but in this case never judge the music by it's cover.Here's an example:-Dead Finger's Talk-eponymous album title.Their name is taken from a William Borroughs story, one of my favourite authors,and to be honest most of the music journos seemed to like the band-slot them in the new wave /post punk pigeonhole.Their cover on the album was a hand and on the end of each finger another fist etc.It promised much and round about 79 I thought 'I'm going to get that' and never did.Then maybe 20 years later I bought it and low and behold-it was shit.I was left thinking'why did I ever bother'.
Anyhow did anyone else get the experience of seeing an album in a record shop,getting it home only to be dissapointed?
Never, ever bought an LP on the strength of its cover. Plenty stuff from Kays Catalogue, on that basis certainly but that's a different matter and time warp.

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