Bad luck for the tractor boys

Two Headed Boy

Well-Known Radge
If they can change seven players and beat us I reckon they can change four and beat St Mirren, sadly.

I'd love to avoid this lot in the final if we get past Utd. They have the Indian sign over us at the minute.


Just A Radge
Some things are more important than football I guess so hopefully, the four boys recover quickly and well. I would love to see us avoid playing them in the final, they just seem to have a hold over us. Feel a lot more confident, providing we get through to the final of course which is far from a given, playing St Mirren

tayside hibee

Well-Known Radge
This supposed fear of the farmers rips my knitting. It’s the sort of mentality which has haunted our club for decades. Yes, for sure like every team, you must treat them with respect, but they are nothing to fear.
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