Austin Samuels

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Top radge
I have never seen anything officially linking Hibs with either McCart or Kerr from St Johnstone.

That said, I am not ITK.

Hibs are always in the wrong when it comes to supporters assuming stuff and it doesn’t happen.

Rejected bids at the start of the window


Muirhouse Radge
I just don't see what we can offer them to get him early tbh.

There's no chance they need money, any sum will be nowhere near enough to make them consider it, and if they would consider it, it'd be too much to pay for a player coming for free in a few months.

They could afford to pay Kaka's wages, Nani's wages, Alex Pato...
Sponsorships and licensing over there is worth mental money.

Just can't see them being interested.

Sounds a bit like us though eh?

Aye worryingly.


Muirhouse Radge
I hope it is. Good player, club captain there, exactly what we need.

My only slight concern about Kerr or McCart coming in from St. Johnstone is that they are very much ingrained into playing as part of a back three, with a solid bank of midfielders in front of them… They won’t get that kind of protection at Hibs, we are much more open in that regard.

That's a fair point.
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The Family

Capital Radge
I've got a fear of a Kugi or Murdoch coming in the next few days.

Rumour has it Aberdeen may have hijacked the deal 🙄


Muirhouse Radge

Rumour has it Aberdeen may have hijacked the deal 🙄

Doesn't mention that in the article but if true and we let slip I'll and many others won't be happy. Unless it's another Ojo :gigglle:


Legendary Radge
I think the budget might have changed some from the start of the season. I'm guessing we have a few shortlists that included the sale of Doig, maybe Porto, or Nissy. Also a possibility that McGinn left Villa. As it stands none of that has happened and we are looking at more affordable options. We do need players, but I'm not that overly worried right now. I think we'll bring in adequate players, maybe not quite as good as we may have had more funds been available.
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