Full Time: Aberdeen 2 v 0 Hibernian


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And finally there’s a reason why Aberdeen struggle with crowds - they are a brutal watch.

I’m no an advocate of the hibs way fantasy, but I’d struggle to watch a hibs team play like that every week.

If they're a brutal watch what the hell are we ?

The game was done after 15 minutes


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If they're a brutal watch what the hell are we ?

The game was done after 15 minutes
Unfortunately can't disagree you just knew we weren't going to come back into it.
Having one shot at goal in 91st minute against a club who we are meant to be competing for the 3rd spot , simply isn't good enough.
To not have won up there for 8 years is shocking.
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Didn't see the game. I was watching on you tube and it went down. So I had to relly on this and it sounds grim.At the beginning of the league we seemed to be playing some nice stuff, but that has dissipated and i don't understand why.People were getting capped and lauded and now?Wish I was a fly on the wall in the dressing room.Also do folk know what's wrong with Allan?It sounds like more than diabetes.I certainly haven't heard.

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Didn’t see the game only watched results and stats coming through on my phone couldn’t believe we conceded 2 in such a short time.
After spending most of the season looking at teams above us and wondering how to catch them I find myself looking down the table and wondering how to stay ahead of them.
This is not panning out like I hoped.


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If they're a brutal watch what the hell are we ?

The game was done after 15 minutes
The game wasn't done after 15 minutes. That's the insight that comes from hindsight. We gave them a two-goal start, and both from our mistakes. But, and an enormous but, we didn't have a midfield to contest the rest of the game, as we insist on playing two up front and two wingers, leaving us woefully short in midfield. I agree with @1875 that Gogic tried the whole night, but even he was running out of ideas very quickly. Two midfielders against Aberdeen? You have got to be joking - or, tactically unaware. Ferguson and McCrorie are two of the best young midfielders in the country and are backed up by Wright, McLennan and Hedges, and then Kennedy does a cover job on Boyle and marks him out of the game. If we insist on playing with this formation, we will never make the top four. Boyle, marked out the game; Murphy, hugged the left touchline; Doidge - well, for once, what did he do tonight? And so Jack Ross takes off Nisbet! We cannot keep playing the same players in the same formation.

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