A Trophy For Clubs From Scottish, Welsh, Irish, And Other Celtic Nations

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A Trophy For Clubs From Scottish, Welsh, Irish, And Other Celtic Nations.
My idea to help Celtic soccer/football, is to have a Celtic Club Football Cup on top of domestic and European football.

My idea would be a group stage trophy, leading to a knockout stage,

My idea would be to include all Scottish Premier sides, plus the Welsh sides in the English Leagues, plus selected sides from the Welsh Premier, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Plus selected sides from Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany.

The clubs would need to finance their own participation in the trophy.

The knockout stages could be single leg knockout rules. With the first team drawn out of the hat at home.

I think the Scottish would be able to get access to a larger market out of this. While the smaller Celtic leagues would grow from regular football against top sides.

I think this would be on top of domestic and European football. -

UEFA allowed the Scottish Challenge Cup to have Welsh and Irish sides in the trophy. So UEFA would be OK about this.
The Celtic lands reach a population of around 20 million people. So this is a big market.

Imagine games like Aberdeen v Cardiff City, Glasgow Celtic v Shamrock Rovers, The New Saints v The Isle of Man, Dundalk v Dundee, Rennes v Heart of Midlothian, Nantes v Motherwell, Wrexham v Dundee United, Glasgow Rangers v Truro City, Hibernian v Swansea City, and Linfield v Connah's Quay Nomads.
The vast majority of teams would be as big as the top 6 sides in Scotland. Teams like Cardiff City, Swansea City, Wrexham, Newport County, Rennes and Nantes are big clubs by Scottish standards.

For the Scottish sides it could replace the Scottish League Cup, and would be an interesting trophy to play in. It would offer the chance to play big sides like Cardiff, Swansea, Rennes and Nantes.

For Scotland this would increase their market, and would allow Scottish sides to play team from other countries.

For the Welsh Premier and Irish sides it could really increase their size. It could awaken sleeping giants. Clubs like Shamrock Rovers and Linfield would grow exponentially from it.

For the big Welsh sides like Swansea and Cardiff it could allow them to test themselves with teams who play in UEFA competition.
Wrexham have glamorous owners and a big support.

I am not pretending this trophy would be like PSG V AC Milan, or Juventus v B Munich. But it is not as if Hibernian or Aberdeen play Juventus every season. But this trophy would have some decent sized sides. It could grow as a trophy as the Irish sides increase in size from playing in the trophy.
We have strong Celtic connections with the Celtic nations., We would be helping the other Celtic nations grow their football sides.
20 million people live in the Celtic lands, so this would be a big market.
Plus a few small English sides could be invited into the trophy each year also.


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Hibernian could play some interesting sides in this trophy. It would guarantee cross border games for every Scottish Premier sides,.
I do not think it is so much travel for the sides.
Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Italian and South African sides play in a cross border club trophy. And look at the trips they do in Australia and Chinese leagues.


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Depends on the definition of Celtic.Ancient Celtic nations can trace themselves back to much of Europe and would include the Iberian peninsula.
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