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Top radge
When it comes to comments by other managers/players having a go at a Hibernian player, we should absolutely be defending them.

As for the tabloids, not so much. It’s gutter journalism and everyone knows it, so I agree with @Rocky that there’s no point in lowering ourselves to that stuff.

Aye, that's all I meant.
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Legendary Radge
The "Europe returns to Easter Road" montage was excellent with an interesting montage of goals and crowd scenes and rather unusual but effective music.✅.

Some suggested feedback for the future is don't show any goals by Flo Kamberi who is a universally despised figure due to his disrespectful comments on leaving to go on loan to "Scotland's Shame 2012" .

Replace the ratboy goal with David Gray away to Brondby and you would have had the perfect video.✅
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