3rd Spot and European Qualification


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Ehberdeens chairman was saying recently that getting to the European Conference league would be worth between £3million and £4 million.?

That's breathtaking money to clubs like Hibs and Ehberdeen and if by some fluke Hibs got into the Europa League then £4million to £5million.wouldn't be unrealistic.

2.5 million for reaching the group stages alone and 515 k per win

No prize money announced yet for the Euopa Conference


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Hopefully fans will be back in some capacity too which would boost the coffers. I think the "big nations" will all have 1 team in this competition too so should be a decent couple of fixtures. Think the way the champions league and europa league works is if there's only 1 team from a country in the competition you get all the "pool money" so if its the same for this tournament that should add some more money on. Not that I'm jumping the gun or anything

vasco de gama

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If we continue to get the results we've had so far against the dross in the league this season we should have 3rd place more or less wrapped up before the split. Assuming celtic beat the sheep shagging arseholes again the best they're likely to manage is around the total we have now (less if they continue in their current form) so we've got to try and get at least 10 points out of the 15 remaining pre split which would give us a huge advantage. Their hun BFF's will probably lie down to them post split but can't see them winning that many games post split. On a side note that hornby looked fuckin pish last night big tart if ever I saw one. The ?bastard actually looked far more of a threat
If my granny had married Sean Connery’s dad and then my mum and her now 007 brother had used Sean’s money to pay for me to focus my boundless energy on football training then I’d probably have scored the winning goal in the 1987 Scottish Cup Final for the cabbage.

To be fair to you Keith I sometimes catch myself wondering down the kind of scenario you outlined and then I remember it is the Hibs I love and follow.


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Another 3 points in the bag and +1 on GD on the sheep, we still have a game in hand over them.

Livingston drew so dropped a further 2 points behind.

I can't see tomorrow's games affecting us, celtc seem to have got their act together. Even if they were beaten they're ahead of us as much as we are ahead of Livingston and I can't see them catching us!

Decent weekend.
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