3 in 3 for Cummings


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Goals are goals, if you can score then you can score anywhere.
With service he'll score, I think he's a very underrated box player.

I would've had him back.
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You inspired a Google... maybe not top scorer but he wasn't too shabby

2017-18: 25 goals in 49 apps
2018-19: 14 goals in 29 apps

He wasn't too shabby in return last season either.
This season he's been pretty brutal at hitting the target, sometimes even just hitting the ball is an effort.

Doidge can score goals, he just doesn't 🤷‍♂️

Guessing he goes in spells, he'll score 10 in so many games then naff all for half a season then randomly pick up again.

I still think my point stands, Doidge isn't not scoring because of the level he's playing at, it's his composure that is just outrageously lacking. Positioning, build up, strength etc etc yada yada is all there.

Same with Jase, he scored goals in the championship because that's where he was playing.
He would've scored for us in the top flight in those season too, provided we had that team and service.
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Out of interest, does anyone have any idea of the undisclosed fee that he left us for?


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I was always under the impression it was about a million.

We turned down a touch over a million earlier I think?
Might well have been one of those we'll let you go in the summer jobs, just wasn't sure what, if anything had come up.

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When Jason moved up a level...or in his case a couple of levels...after he left Hibs after we were promoted and signed for signed for Notts Forest in the English Championship it quickly became apparent he was a bit out of his depth.
His loan to the huns showed he found it very hard in Scotland's top flight as well. They didn't attempt to sign him permanently after his loan deal was over.
He ended up at Shrewsbury, then Dundee which IMO is his level. He is a very good Championship striker and he will score goals for Dundee and for me it's a good move for both parties.
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