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It's been the most unusual pre-season any of us have ever experienced, so it's great to be ticking off the formalities ahead of a new campaign.

We are delighted to be able to confirm our squad numbers for season 2020/21 and we know you're looking forward to cheering them on - whether it's remotely, kicking every ball via Hibs TV, or back where you belong at Easter Road as soon as we can get you along to your home from home.

1. Ofir Marciano

2. David Gray

4. Paul Hanlon

5. Ryan Porteous

6. Paul McGinn

7. Daryl Horgan

8. Drey Wright

9. Christian Doidge

10. Martin Boyle

11. Joe Newell

12. Fraser Murray

13. Alex Gogic

14. Stevie Mallan

15. Kevin Nisbet

16. Lewis Stevenson

17. Tom James

18. Adam Jackson

19. Jamie Gullan

20. Melker Hallberg

21. Kevin Dabrowski

22. Florian Kamberi

23. Scott Allan

24. Darren McGregor

25. Josh Doig

26. Sean Mackie

27. Ben Stirling

29. Ryan Shanley

31. Paddy Martin

32. Josh Campbell

33. Innes Murray

34. Callum Yeats

42. Jayden Fairley

43. Steven Bradley

44. Yrik Gallantes

45. Josh Currie

46. Gregor Woods

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Two Headed Boy

Bounce Radge
I suppose the have to give Kamberi a number.

Interesting to see no number 3. Probably nothing to read into, but I'd love to think that's because we have another defender coming in...
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