2020 - 2021 Fixtures


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Wait for the outcome of the SPFL decision on the legal position with the Jumbos and P Thistle tomorrow. I would not be surprised if this stops any football being played at all before September if they allow any court case to go ahead.

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This would have been better ditched for the year IMO. If it has tae be played it should just be a straight knockout at best, or replay at worst. Far too many games with group stage. It's surely going tae cost clubs tae stage these games with nae crowds?
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2 or 3 of the easier games would be good.

Yup. A good run can do wonders for the confidence of players at the start of the season.

Anyone thinking the OF are going to ship goals because the crowds aren't there is living in Clodcuckooland. I want the uglies when they're in Europe, played three games in a week, are injury ravaged and knackered.
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