Hibs Deserve a Round of App-Plause

Hibs Deserve a Round of App-Plause

Good news for Hibernian Football Club fans, the club has launched their latest official app for their fans.

Available on both iPhone and Android, this handy little app costs only £2.99 and features the latest in promotional punditry for any self-respecting Hibs fans. There’s a veritable treasure trove available, as it’s filled with a ton of team information.

This app contains the latest interviews with coaches and various players like Jordon Foster, Kevin Thomson or even Duncan Watmore.

There are also the latest match videos available along with player profiles, regularly updated league tables and news about the club.

There’s also the fantastic top highlight feature that showcases the best performances from recent matches and the newest pictures from the teams Instagram.

Plus for those that don’t have instant access to a TV when there’s match on, there’s a handy live score updater in the app. It provides everything from goals, cards given, substitutions and even current formations.

 So wherever you are, you’ll never be without the latest news and facts about Hibs FC.

Contained within various windows, this app has an overall neat and simplistic layout.

All the latest information about the team is stored within their easily navigable tabs and clearly defined windows; it’s an interface that has clearly been optimized with the requirements of a Hibs fan on-the-go in mind.

The app even sports the traditional colours of green and white for that added touch of team camaraderie.

The Hibernian FC app is a fantastic addition to the smart phone market. It’s the latest in a long line of entertaining apps available on the extensive market.

The Android and Apple market is usually packed full of either useless or boring apps, lately it’s been filled with a hundred-and-one different variations of the infuriating Flappy Bird.

It’s a system that normally supports the development of various indie developers and lesser known app teams, even the occasional mobile bingo game is starting to have quite the impact on the market.

It’s a great source of entertainment and a great platform for smaller developers to launch their apps from. Many mobile bingo apps like this one for example, are often featured as the top downloaded app.

The increasing development of apps based around popular fandoms is a great way for developers to interact with their consumers to create the latest and greatest in mobile entertainment.


Welcome to Operation: #TBGAWA

“I’ve made no secret of my delight at becoming the manager of Hibernian FC. I’m enjoying becoming embedded into the fabric of this proud club.

But while I enjoy learning about the Club’s rich past – I’d rather be making history than learning about it. And together, we can write a new chapter.

Maximising this Club’s enormous potential is achievable and realistic. But Maurice and I and the rest of the team can’t do it without you, the supporters, the people who make the Club what it is.

I’ve been struck by one of the songs you sing on match days – ‘Terry Butcher’s Green And White Army’.

It chimes with me because as well as illustrating your support for me and how much your club means to you, it’s also very similar to the way I see us all working together to be successful.

I’m on a mission to bring glory days back to our magnificent stadium, I need you to sign up for active duty. We need your backing – all of you – and not just for the very necessary financial reasons but also to create a Fortress Easter Road that our opponents will fear to visit.

Imagine a fully manned and impregnable Fortress Easter Road? And good football played out in a packed and passionate atmosphere? We all have that shared goal. And it’s ours to seize.

Any General is only as good as the troops he leads. That’s why I’m personally inviting you to enrol today and become part of my Green and White Army…”
Terry Butcher!
Source:Hibs Official Site

Loan Trio Join Hibs

Notts County forward Danny Haynes join’s Hibs on loan alongside
Duncan Watmore (Sunderland) and Daniel Boateng (Arsenal) till the end of the season!



Hibs 0 v 4 Celtc (thomson 12th man)

Strange one that, on the end of a 4-0 defeat, but up to 75 or so minutes I though we might nick something? I do think that Thomson is a cheat, an incompetent cheat, but he was not the reason we lost 4-0 against a Celtic team who never really got going, although how no one has come in for Virgil Van Dyck I have no idea, he is far to good for them.

The players…..

Williams – No chance at the first or second, pish poor at the third.
Maybury – He does his best, stupid foul for the penalty. I prefer Forster there.
Nelson – I though him poor today, blaming Forster for the first goal and not finding a Hibs player most of the game.
Forster – Started poorly but came onto a decent game, I prefer him at right back
Stevenson – 100% effort as ever, but I like him in midfield
Harris – The intelligentsia behind me decided it was Boozy who would get their wrath today, cannae beat backing the youngsters eh? As his confidence, fitness and strength come back he will be a key player for us.
Stanton – Magnificent
Taiwo – Tom done fine and showed that he has been a decent player for the club
Zoubir – Drifted in and out of the game, when he is good, he is very good, when he is poor, well….
Craig – Woeful
Collins – Another hard working performance from James, its a lonely task up there on your own chasing hoofs and lumps from Craig and nelson. Keep up the hard work son. Stonewall penalty in the first half, which may very well have changed the whole game, we will never know.

Subs – Well, I am baffled why we only made one, a wee change at 70 minutes when out tales were up might have given us a very different result? Only Terry and Mo know why? I assume the Heff is injured, Cairney is still no well and Tudor Jones is injured? All three could have made a difference?

Heff came on for the hard working Taiwo, it was too little too late.

Terry & Mo – There are lots of positives, but we really are at bear bones. I know they see this and Steve Marsella has 3 players ready to bring in, on loan or otherwise? I certainly hope the ongoing rumour of Tade is just a rumour.

Craig Thomson – I do think he has a grudge against us, Collins penalty was simply that and right in front of him, he booked three Hibs players, none from Celtic when one or two of them fouled consistently. Why did he book Nelson for handball? If it wasn’t for Rod looking for a retirement plan at the SFA, Hibs should should be writing to the SFA asking that this cheating imbecile no longer referee Hibs games? Still, lucky world cop, the only Brazilian Thomson will be seeing this year is in his wife’s knickers.

Celtic – Not impressive at all, although Virgil is a Thunderbird, what a good football player.

Fans – Their lot were noisy, the Hibs boys done their best. Can I ask the young team drop ‘We are the people’, a hunnish chant if ever there was one. Save it for when we are beating the Huns…..at the Hunnery…….by three.

My man of the match was Sam Stanton, he was and will be very good.

Mr Craig Thomson

Has this man got an agenda with Hibernian Football Club?

Time and time again we get him in high profile games and time and time again we get decisions against us.

Coincidence? I think not!







Hibernian 2 v 1 Gunts

Ooooooooohhhhhh you’re going down like a Russian Submarine, a Russian Submarine, a Russian Submarine…

Get that right up you you deluded guntish fuds.

Now, to the players….

Williams – Was tested a couple of times and could have held the shot that lead to their goal

Forster – As I have repeated, the laddie improves week on week, he is growing in confidence and is a good strong player

Hanlon – Another great performance from the excellent Hanlon, he and the Admiral controlled the very difficult tattooed freak Stevenson well.

Nelson – Another strong performance, this guy does not shite it, ever.

McGivern – Did ok, not a great defensive performance but linked well with Lewis Stevenson.

Cairney – Drifted in and out the game, he caused carnage when it went his way.

Robertson – Not sure he enjoys playing beside Liam Craig?

Craig – Took the penalty well, but actually had another poor performance. Just not doing it for me? How the Blind Asylum gave him MOM I am not sure?

Stevenson – Hibs man of the match yet again, what a great performance from Lewis, well played son

Collins – Worked his socks off and took his goal well, good stuff son

Cummings – I thought he tried too hard and didn’t have his best game?


The Heff – Done very well when he came on, a clever football player who was unlucky not to score with a deft turn

Tudor Jones – I thought he done very well when he replaced the injured Robertson, put himself about.

Stanton – Only had 5 or 6 minutes to show his skills.

Terry and Mo – Well done guys, keep it coming….

Ref – I thought he handled the game reasonably well?

The gunts – Laughable. The wee fanny who gave Hibs our penalty should have his pocket money docked and be grounded for a week for that one.


US: Outstanding…


Hibs 3 v 0 Kilmarnock

Every week it improves, some weeks its baby steps, other weeks, big steps. The six points picked up over the last two games are signs of the good things coming our way. Today Hibs were not expansive, glorious or free flowing, we were hard working, defensively sound and tough as old boots. The day all the players decide to perform is the day I look forward to, as we are winning when decent players are not performing to the levels we expect.

The team…

Williams – Once again, its easy to say he had very little to do. I think this if firmly down to the excellent defending from the four in front of Ben Williams. The threat (or perceived threat) of Boyd and the wee laddie with the big heed o hair was non existence, the defence mastered them.

Forster – I have read various comments about young Jordon not being a right back? I beg to differ, he has much to learn but the laddie is a good football player and improves at right back as the weeks go by. He is now introducing some decent attacking play to his game.

Nelson – He is is tough as old boots part, what a no nonsense fitba man. I like him, pity he signed for us so late in his career.

Hanlon – Rarely do I agree with the sponsors man of the match, today they were spot on, Paul Hanlon was magnificent. The laddie is simply a far better player knowing he has the Admiral beside him.

McGivern – I have felt he has been poor this season. I wasn’t in Dingwall, but it was suggested he had played well up there? First half I thought him poor, however the second half the big laddie showed he can be a decent defender, winning headers and challenges he normally wouldn’t. Best I have seen him play for us this season.

Cairney – He will never beat Lynford Christie in a race, but takes a man on, his own misfortune being he rarely gets given a foul, even when clearly tripped in the penalty box. Willie Gollum is just another arsehole ref who gave Paul nowt. He tired but his goal was a peach, well played pal, you’ll do for me, just work on that fitness.

Robertson – I have mentioned how Scott has grown on me, today I felt whilst he did the odd decent piece of work, he was off the boil.

Craig – I simply think he disnae give us enough, he is a good player, but I often feel he is half arsed in the way he plays?

Stevenson – How can you not like Louis Stevenson, whilst he will never be a world beater, he does his very best for Hibernian every week. If ever a player deserves to score such a sweet goal from a magnificent pass from James Collins, it is Louis, a peach son, an absolute peach.

Cummings – I love young Jason’s heart, he works his socks off, is keen, willing and once he bulks up, he will be trouble. Great performance from the wee man.

Collins – The laddie is an enigma, one minute turning a man and playing a beautiful ball, the next, fluffing it from five yards. Could we ask him to try harder, no, probably not, could we ask him to score more, ohhh yes. Still more Tony Higgins than Alan Gordon, but I still think there is a good player in there fighting his way out.

The Subs:

Handling – Done ok for his ten or so minutes.

Tudor Jones – Played for a few minutes, I think he touched it once?

Stanton – No, he didn’t come on, but I wish he had, just to give Louis the ovation he deserved if not for Sam’s silky skills gracing the grass.

Terry & Mo – They are up and doon mair than a hoors knickers. I like that, they give a shite, that is for sure.

The Ref – Willie Gollum is a another useless fanny in a long line of useless fannies. Turned down two clear penalties for Hibs today. The ugly wee bugger even looks like his namesake, Collum.

Killie – Ex Guntyhun Alan Bigeared Magicmushrooms Johnsthun reckoned his team were the better team second half, stay off the christmas sherry pal, you won at Tynefritzl because the gunts are shite, not because your lot are any good.

Fans – Good turn out, decent noise, now lets ALL turn up Thursday and give them the doing they have long been due.

Did I mention Terry & Mo? – You are doing fine, just fine lads, keep it going.

Bring on the Jambo’s

SPL – Thursday 2nd January 2014 – 1945 Kick Off


Ross County 0 v 2 Hibernian

From the forums by “The Sixth Circle”

I love 1875′s posts, but I’ll assume he’s either busy or otherwise committed so I’m going to give this a bash (‘cos I’ve always wanted to). Oh, and after staying overnight in Inverness, I am literally “just back”; here goes…

First of all, I thought we won very easily yesterday – we were always in control of the game. County had a lot of the ball prior to Nelson’s goal, but never looked threatening with it. They hit the woodwork twice, but both via long range efforts hit more with hope than expectation. I don’t remember the last time I was so sure we were going to win a game during it!

First Team

Ben Williams: Very little to do, did what was asked competently and looked assured throughout.
Jordan Forster: Still positionally unaware sometimes at right back (unsurprising), but does well in the air and is powerful – he also uses the ball well, too. Took his goal exceptionally well.
Paul Hanlon: Not a bad game yesterday, at all. He still tends to head down or clear into dangerous areas, and that really needs fixed long term, but he covers well and plays better with Nelson.
Michael Nelson: Stuck his head in where it hurt for our first goal, and we took complete control of the game after that. Defensively solid, no nonsense, and bullied Luckassen.
Ryan McGivern: Best game in a long time for me. Defensively looked more solid, got forward with more purpose and actually threw in a couple of good balls. Badly needs to keep this up for a few games in a row.
Paul Cairney: Two great deliveries, two goals – you can’t ask for more. He also looked to be incisive every time he got the ball, despite being wasteful once or twice. The fitter he gets, the better he looks.
Scott Robertson: Transformed his Hibs career early this season, but this was a game to forget. Didn’t really influence it at all and gave possession away too cheaply at times. Just a blip.
Liam Craig: Not bad at all today from the captain. His passing was okay, looked ready to take a shot when presented with a chance, and made a few telling defensive interceptions. Maybe getting used to the job he’s being asked to play now.
Lewis Stevenson: I thought Lewis had a great game. Positionally astute, helped out McGivern when needed, got forward with pace (I know!) more than once and delivered drastically better than last week.
James Collins: Worked hard and was rightly applauded when coming off, but he needs a goalscoring partner to build a relationship with before we see the best of him.
Jason Cummings: Like Collins, he worked hard but was too often found too far away from his strike partner and his touch let him down a few times. Fingers crossed for the lad, but I think Collins and Heffernan are our strikeforce assuming they’re both fit and nobody comes in in January.


Danny Handling: Got around the pitch and looked busy, but made no real impact on the game.
Owen Tudor-Jones: Not long for the Hibs jersey, I don’t think. With the embarrassment of riches we have in his position, I’m just not sure he’s anywhere near the top of the pecking order… And that won’t be enough for him.


Brian Colvin: Nope, no good. Overly fussy at times, some thoroughly baffling decisions, and made enemies on both sides of the park with inconsistent cards. In short, a standard Scottish refereeing performance; shite.

The support: Big trip on Boxing Day, and a few hundred of us got up there and got behind the team from start to finish. The minute silence was also impeccably observed by both sets of fans, which was good to see.

Ross County: 14 points ahead of them, and that should be enough. From what I saw yesterday, they’re poor going forward (like us) and aren’t great dealing with dead balls, but should hold enough decent cards to relegate the fiddlers.

Man of the Match: For me, it was Lewis Stevenson. Didn’t waste a ball, was assured whilst on it and contributed to his side of the park both defensively and offensively with great effect. Well played, Lewis.

Hibs 1 v 1 Partick Thistle

Williams – Didnae have much to do
Maybury – struggled at times
Hanlon – poor at their goal, done well at ours
Forster – I thought he was decent again
McGovern. – better than last week but doesn’t inspire
Cairney – Hibs best player, by a mile
Craig – another poor performance
Tudor jones – odd decent touch but missed Robertson
Stevenson – his poorest performance this season
Handling – simply ineffective today
Collins – worked hard and took his goal well

Cummings – should have scored with his first touch
Zoubir – did make a difference
Nelson – again, made a difference

Terry & Mo – now you how much work you have on your hands

MOM – for Hibs, easily Paul Cairney. Overall Issac Osborne

Lucky point saved at the end

Scottish Cup – Ross C 0 v 1 Hibs

Well that really was an improvement, and I fair enjoyed the bounce tours trip to the Frozen North, and tonight I am a very happy Hibby….

The team…

Williams, other than one flap was not tested too hard today and came through with flying colours.

Maybury – He improves with age, I though he was very good today, very good.

Hanlon – He is a better player when McPake doesn’t play and if he could keep his hands down, he would be better. Decent performance from the nice laddie.

Forster – As he gains his confidence back week by week he looks the player I think he is, a big strong no nonsense centre half with a nice touch. Well played son.

McGivern – Sorry to put a wee dampner on an otherwise good day, but I thought McGivern was pretty poor today, too many mistakes.

Cairney – Welcome back Paul, you really did make an impression, and should never have been booked and most certainly should not have been sent off, from my seat he did not dive, but Craig Thomson really does have an agenda with our football club. Keep working at your fitness, you do improve our team. Pressed and pressed and pressed.

Robertson – Scott Robertson was simply superb, especially first half, he has to be one of the first names on the team sheet, currently my favourite player. Pressed and pressed and pressed.

Craig – Some people said he played well today, this may upset a few, but I didn’t think so, can and must do better. Pressed and pressed but didnae quite impress. It will come though.

Lewis Stevenson – Industrious first half as ever, magnificent second, a fine attacking game, what a good laddie he is. Pressed and pressed and pressed.

James Collins – Has his knockers, me included. Today, he was fantastic and worked his socks off, he will sleep well tonight, just try to stay on your feet pal. Pressed and pressed and pressed.

Danny Handling – The best I have seen Danny play for Hibs, first half he was sometimes unplayable, worked his socks off, scored a good goal and chased and harried until he could no more. Pressed and pressed and pressed.


I was surprised to see Scott Robertson come off, he is a smashing player, but Tudur Jones slotted in a did fine, winning a couple of crucial headers when it mattered.

Caldwell came on and ten minutes later was taken back off. Why? Well some suggested he was injured, for me I think its because he did not try, you cannae be a fresh sub and no chase the ball down, he did just that, sorry son, you won’t get away with being half arsed under Terry & Mo. Bit of time wasting going too, rightly so.

Terry & Mo – I can see the changes already, I have not been too excited about the appointment, but this is one where I think maybe I am wrong, its not pretty but its effective and we love a team of players who play for the jersey, these boys did that today, in spades.

Man of the match – Well there may just have been a few players who earned the accolade today, some smashing performances from Maybury, Forster, Hanlon, Stevenson, Robertson, Cairney, Collins and Handling but for me the men of the match are the Hibernian supporters, led by the young team of fans who sing and back the team for 90 minutes, magnificent, each and every one of us, we carried the team over the line today.

Ross County – Not a shadow of previous teams.

Referee – Hibs need to discuss this arsehole with the SFA, some of his decisions today are bordering on cheating.

Summary – I fair enjoyed that, “Come on Butchers Boys”….